Draymond Green is still bitter from the 2012 draft

The draft class from 2012 was probably one of the best in recent memory; boasting the likes of Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard and Andre Drummond to name a few.

While most could only name a few players off the top of their head, Draymond Green, the 35th pick in the draft, can name every single one, and in order.

When sitting down with Jon Wilner of Bay Area News Group, Green was handed a printout of the draft order as preparation for the next topic of discussion.

“I don’t need it.”

Green proceeded to name all 34 players drafted ahead of him, which team drafted them and all in the correct order.

“First was Anthony Davis to New Orleans,” he says. “Then Charlotte took (Michael) Kidd-Gilchrist. Then Washington took Bradley Beal. Fourth was Cleveland: Dion Waiters.

“Eight was Toronto: Terrence Ross …

“Sixteen was Houston: Royce White …”

Green has been one of the best players on a championship team and has truly revolutionised how the NBA is played today.

Without the 6″7′ forward playing the way he does; bringing the ball up the court like  a point guard, rebounding like a big and scoring in such versatile fashion, there may not be this concept of “small-ball” which is taking over the NBA.

But Green knows why teams doubted his potential.

“I know why I had to wait,” he said. “I know what the scouts thought: ‘He’s a tweener. Who’s he going to guard? He’s maxed out his potential.’

“But I knew none of that was valid. What happened to me is what normally happens to players in my situation. But I knew I wasn’t normal.”

It’s clear that Green is still bitter about not being drafted higher however his claims are validated having won the NBA title just last year.

And with the Warriors on track to go back-to-back, who knows where Green would have been drafted back in 2012.

I guess that’s why hindsight is 20/20.


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