New rules to be implemented for Euro 2016

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) are proposing significant changes to the rules of the game which will include an alteration to the ruling on whether a penalty should be awarded because of an intentional handball.

The best example of this would be Luis Suarez’ infamous handball against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup which saw Uruguay progress to the next round after Asamoah Gyan blasted the resulting penalty over the bar.

The change would mean that a goal would be awarded instead of a penalty and the player would still be shown a red card.

With new technology assisting in the refereeing of the game, the new rules will be implemented prior to the tournament when England play against Australia.

Other changes also include:

– Players can receive medical treatment without leaving the pitch if the foul committed on them earns a card.

– Free-kicks for offside are taken from where the offence takes place rather than from where the player was flagged for offside.

– Players no longer need to wait for a break in play to return to the pitch after changing their equipment.

– Interference from personnel not involved in the match (i.e. substitutes or staff) is punishable by a direct free-kick rather than an indirect one.

– The referee can take disciplinary action from warm-up rather instead of when the teams first walk out to begin the match.

– Kick-offs don’t have to go forwards over the line – they can be passed backwards.

– Changes to penalties – such as the kick is not over until the ball stops moving. In the Moroccan Cup final a goalkeeper saved a penalty and ran off to celebrate but the ball spun back into his net.



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